Who is Still Together From Perfect Match?


who is still together from perfect match

Netflix recently added a dating competition called Perfect Match to its ever-growing reality TV universe. The show brought together contestants from a number of Netflix’s other reality shows, paired them up, and then had them play matchmaker to see if they were a good match while competing for a cash prize.

The last episodes of the show, which is easy to watch all at once, just came out. In them, the last five couples fought it out by showing that they were meant to be together. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear about Season 2, but here’s what we know about the Final Five and where they are now.

Here’s Which Perfect Match Couples Are Still Together

Georgia & Dom

This couple was such a Perfect Match that they won the first season of the show, beating all the other couples to the top prize. But true love didn’t go smoothly after the cameras stopped rolling. It looks like Georgia Hassarati is now dating Harry Jowsey, who she met on Too Hot To Handle.

Kariselle & Joey

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso had been together before they were on Perfect Match. During filming, they got back together and even got engaged on camera. Since the show came out, they’ve both kept a low profile on social media, but it’s possible that they are the first successful couple from Perfect Match.
who is still together from perfect match

Chloe & Shayne

Chloe Veitch spent most of her time on Perfect Match with Mitchell Eason, who she already knew from The Circle, but she ended up with Shayne Jansen by the end of the season.

The two had chemistry, but they also fought a lot on the show, and as of right now, it looks like neither of them is following the other on social media. This would suggest that they were hot and fast, but didn’t last.

LC & Nick

Lauren Chamblin and “Daddy” Nick Uhlenhuth were a last-minute match, but by the end of the show, it seemed like they had grown close and were going to try to make things work long-distance.

However, Nick is now reportedly dating Bachelorette contestant Katie Thurston, so we’re not holding out much hope.

who is still together from perfect match

Izzy & Bartise

Even though Izzy and Bartise had a hard time getting close in the early episodes, they ended up together at the end of Season 1. However, it doesn’t look like they stayed together after the show ended.

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