Who is Taye Diggs Dating? Things You Need to Know!


who is taye diggs dating

Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs have been dating for a few weeks now. They announced it on social media a few weeks ago. The two of them have become one of the most popular couples on Instagram and TikTok.

The reality star posted the most recent video of the two doing funny dance moves. Jones wrote in the caption on March 30: “Dance with me.”

Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs have said they are dating on social media for the past two weeks. The couple has become very popular on Instagram and TikTok very quickly.

In their newest video, they dance in weird ways on the dance floor and show them off. Jones wrote “Dance with me” as the caption for his picture on March 30.
When one commenter saw that Jones seemed happy in her new relationship, they wrote, “I love this for you.” What do other people think about it?

Mama, you all have it all together.

God, thank you for putting you in my life and letting me have fun with you. “You and your partner go well together.”

I’m glad to see that you’re having fun.

“I like the way you two are together as a whole. You’ll be a way for good energy to flow through. “Hello from Costa Rica, where God’s blessings are everywhere!”

What a wonderful group of folks! It’s good to have someone to keep you in check. @apryljones, the wait was worth it.

After sharing the video, The Shade Room’s Instagram page talked about Omarion, who is the father of Jones’s two children. After they broke up in 2016, the couple from “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” had a tough custody battle.

One person said, “Lmao, Omarion is about to ask for child support.”

who is taye diggs dating

How He and Rumored Girlfriend Apryl Jones Met

The Taye Diggs TikTok is a national treasure that must be kept safe at all costs.

In December 2021, when he showed up on social media for the first time, an All-American actor set the internet on fire. After only a few weeks, Taye had more than a million fans. He says that Apryl Jones of Love and Hip Hop is partly to blame for this.

When Apryl showed up on Taye’s TikTok, there were rumors that they might be dating.

What is it if their relationship is more than just business? In an interview with Distractify, Taye talked about how he met Apryl and how he became famous on TikTok.

Taye Diggs talks about how his son, who is 12 years old, got him to become a Tiktok star.

Like most people over 30, Taye found it hard to figure out how to use TikTok. Walker, who was 12 years old at the time, was able to help his father. She said, “The star of the All-American football team told us that the problem is with him.”

But I didn’t know how to turn on the music with the lip-syncing.” He said it in jest, “They should go that way.” It’s a way for me to get what I want. “All that matters to me is making him laugh.”

Walker has also had an effect on Taye’s way of making art in the past. The actor, who used to write a series of books for kids, recently worked with Lucky Charms to celebrate Reading Across America Day.

On the other hand, when Taye downloaded TikTok, he “had no idea” that he would become famous. He said that each TikTok would be judged on how much it made him laugh and whether or not other people found it funny.

Taye found Apryl and a lot of other great artists on the platform very quickly. After I sent her a direct message (DM), we met up and had a great time laughing together.

Also, do Apryl and Taye have a romantic relationship? Taye told us a little bit about how the two met, but he wouldn’t say if they were dating or not.

Are Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones Dating?

No one has said that Taye and Apryl are dating, and there is no reason to think that they are.

He said that his TikTok co-star was “hilarious” by saying, “I watched one of her Instagrams or TikToks, and I texted, or whatever it’s called, and said she was.

Apryl said that she felt the same way, and the two of them laughed about it together. The author says that soon after that, “people began to respond.”

Because of her, a million people began to follow him on Instagram. “I love it when things just happen like that.”

But they don’t just talk to each other on the internet. Taye thinks that the dynamic pair will soon be shown on a small screen near you. I said, “I had no idea she was an actress!” But she is, and we’ll see what we can do,” said Taye.

Even though it took Taye a while to get on board, the TikTok train has finally come for him.

Taye said, “At first, I didn’t get it.” If you look a little deeper, you can see how expressive, talented, and creative these people are.

It’s amazing to see how much fun these people can have and how they really use this platform to show that side of themselves. “I think that’s great.”