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Who is the Shortest Person in the World? Latest Information!

According to Wikipedia, Chandra was the youngest documented adult, measuring 21.51 inches in height (54.64 cm). The Guinness World Records organisation has confirmed the height.

Shortest Male Teenager

Men. Chandra was the smallest adult reported to date, at 21.51 inches in height (54.64 cm). The Guinness World Records organisation has confirmed the height.

Khapangi, the youngest son of two Nepalese farmers, lives in the Sindhuli region, which is around 130 kilometres from Kathmandu, the capital city. He is currently enrolled in his rural school. The family believes the award would help him finish his education.


1. 1881 – Lucía Zárate

Luca Zárate, who was born in Mexico in 1863, was the smallest woman ever to perform in a sideshow. Regardless of her inflated height claim of 20 inches, her real height of 67 cm (26.5 in) qualifies her for the title.

She was diagnosed with type II Majewski osteoplastic primordial dwarfism for the first time.

At the age of 17, Luca held the record for being the world’s smallest person, weighing only 2.13 kilogrammes (4.7 lb).

Tragically, she died of cold in 1890 after her circus train became stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

2. 1895 – Pauline Musters

Princess Pauline, sometimes known as Pauline Musters (Holland, 1876), is the shortest woman in recorded history. In 1895, her height was determined to be 59 centimetres (23.2 in).

  • She was 30 cm (12 in) tall at birth and 55 cm (21.5 in) tall and weighed 1.5 kg when she was nine years old (3 lb 5 oz).
  • Pauline was born for the stage. Princess Pauline’s gymnastics and dancing became well-known after spectators were originally surprised by her height.
  • Before arriving in New York City, she performed for big crowds in various European countries.

Due to illness, Pauline died at the age of 19 in 1895. She measured 61 centimetres (24 inches) because of postmortem elongation.

who is the shortest person in the world

3. 1955 – Edith Barlow

Edith Barlow was the shortest woman alive in 1955. (the UK, b. 1929). Her true height of 78.7 centimetres (31 inches) was determined after her death, despite her assertion at age 21 that she was just 55.8 cm (22 inches) tall.

  • She worked as part of a travelling fair and reportedly smoked forty cigarettes each day. She was known as “Little Edie.”
  • Edith died of pneumonia in June 1957 after taking ill during the Newcastle Town Moor Fair.
  • Walter Boehning, who was born in Germany in 1907, was featured in the 1955 edition of Guinness World Records. His alleged height of 52 centimetres (20.5″) was never confirmed officially.

In 1964, he was removed from the book due to a lack of proof to substantiate his claimed height.

4. 1973 – Mihaly Meszaros

Born in Hungary in 1939, Mihaly Meszaros was a circus performer and stuntman renowned as “The Smallest Man.” At the time, his height of 83 cm (33 inches) made him the shortest man living.

  • In his circus act, he trained and performed with white poodles. Mihaly was also a television actor, appearing in a Pepsi promo alongside Michael Jackson.
  • Mihaly passed away in 2016 at the age of 76 in Los Angeles.
  • In 1973, Manoel Souza of Marenno, Brazil measured 76.2 cm (31 inches) in height. However, this was never verified officially.

5. 1977 – Süleyman Eris

  • On March 3, 1977, Suleyman Eris (Turkey, born 1955), a circus acrobat, was medically measured as the smallest man alive.
  • He was 76.5 centimetres tall and 11.4 kg in weight (25 lb). His brother (83.5 centimetres) and sister (96.5 centimetres) were likewise born with congenital dwarfism.
  • In 1974, a man named Nruturam, who was born in India in 1929, was reportedly 71 cm (28 inches) tall, however, his height was never officially authenticated.

6. 1984 – Antonio Ferreira

Antonio Ferreira (1943, Portugal) was proclaimed the shortest man alive in 1984 when he measured 75 cm in height (29.5 in).

He was a professional drummer for a pop band and hailed from Arcozelo, Portugal.

In 1989, Antonio passed away at the age of 44.

In July 1982, Ghulam Ahmed Dar, a chicken farmer residing near Srinagar, Kashmir, India, was reported to be 71 centimetres (28 inches) tall. However, his height was never formally confirmed.

who is the shortest person in the world

7. 1987 – Nelson De La Rosa

After measuring 3 centimetres (1.2 inches) shorter than Antonio Ferreira, Nelson de la Rosa (1968, Dominican Republic) was proclaimed the world’s smallest man.

The president of the Dominican Republic Medical Association assessed his height and weight in 1987 to be 72 centimetres (28.3 inches) and 6.81 kilogrammes (15 lb). The cause of Seckel’s size was his condition.

After starring in Dominican Republic films, Nelson’s reputation grew. Due to his international reputation, he was cast alongside Marlon Brando in the Hollywood film The Island of Dr Moreau.

8. 1990 – Gul Mohammed

  • Gul Mohammed (India, 1957) was measured at 57 cm at the Ram Manohar Hospital in New Delhi in 1990, surpassing Nelson (22.5 in).
  • He was the shortest man alive until 1997 when he succumbed to asthma and pneumonia at age 39.
  • Younis Edwan, who was born in Jordan in 1971, reportedly stood at a height of 65 centimetres (25.6 in). This would have made him the shortest man living after Gul Mohammed’s demise, although Younis’ height has never been officially confirmed.

9. 2011 – Bridgette Jordan

In July 2011, Bridgette Marie Jordan (born 1989 in the United States) was measured at 69 cm (27.2 in) tall, making her the shortest living woman at the time (mobile).

  • She weighed only 800 grammes and measured 31.75 centimetres (12.5 inches) at birth (1 lb 12 oz).
  • The height of Bridgette’s brother, Brad, was 98 centimetres (38.6 inches). Type II Majewski osteoplastic primordial dwarfism caused the small stature of the siblings.
  • Bridgette enjoyed life to the fullest despite being the shortest woman in the world; she was a college cheerleader and loved dancing.
  • Bridgette died on June 12, 2019, at the age of thirty.

10. 2011 – Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge (India, born 1993) reached 18 in December 2011, making her eligible to become the smallest living woman. Bridgette only held the title for a few months (mobile).

  • She was measured at 62.8 cm (24.7 inches) on her 18th birthday, making her the shortest woman in the world. She was formerly the lowest living female teenager, and her present height of 62.8 centimetres (24.7 inches) makes her the world’s tallest woman.
  • She may be small, but you can’t miss her – she draws a throng wherever she goes!
  • Jyoti has the record as the shortest actress ever. In the fourth season of the popular American television series American Horror Story, she portrays the recurring character Ma Petite.

11. 2011 – Junrey Balawing

In June 2011, it was established that Junrey Balawing (Philippines) is the shortest man alive (non-mobile). He was 59.9 centimetres (23.5 inches) tall and weighed only 5 kg (11 lb).

  • Junrey was the size of a one-liter soda bottle when he was born. When he was a toddler, his mother felt concerned since he had outgrown all of his friends.
  • Due to his low stature and the condition osteogenesis imperfecta, he was unable to stand or walk without assistance. On the doctor’s orders, he was given medication to strengthen his bones, but it had no impact.
  • Sadly, Junrey died on July 28, 2020, at the age of 27.

who is the shortest person in the world

12. 2012 – Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Chandra Dangi, who was born in Nepal in 1939 and measured 54.6 cm, was 72 years old when Guinness World Records measured his height (21.5 in).

As a result, he became the shortest living man (mobile) and the fastest male ever recorded.

Chandra and his family lived more than 500 kilometres southwest of the city Kathmandu in a rural Nepalese village.

His settlement was so isolated that he did not come to the attention of the media until he was an adult and was spotted by a forest contractor chopping wood in the region.

Chandra’s sudden notoriety enabled him to fulfil his goal to travel the world after overcoming various obstacles in his life. Mr. Dangi, 75 years old, passed suddenly in 2015 while visiting American Samoa.

13. 2016 – Khagendra Thapar Magar

Khagendra Thapa Magar (born in Nepal in 1992) measured 67 centimetres (26.4 inches) on February 25, 2010, making him the shortest male adolescent alive.

  • When Chandri Dangri died in 2016, at the age of 24, Khagendra became the shortest man living (mobile).
  • The parents of Khagendra saw that he was substantially smaller than other children his age. When his younger brother overtook him in height, it became clear that Khagendra would not grow significantly taller.
  • Khagendra enjoyed playing the guitar and motorcycling with his brother in addition to being a part of a dance company.
  • Khagendra departed in January 2020. Edw Hernandez reclaimed his record as the shortest man alive (mobile) in 2014, despite having grown slightly since 2010; he now measures 72,1 cm (28 inches) tall.


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