Who Killed Sarah Goode? Uncovering the Mystery of Sarah Goode’s Murder


Who Killed Sarah Goode

Who Killed Sarah Goode? is a sought-after topic. As a former marine, he was tied to Sarah’s heinous murder using GPS and cell phone data.

Finding Sarah Goode is the twenty-third episode of the twenty-fifth season of Dateline, a popular true crime and investigative journalism television series.

The episode examines the disappearance of Sarah Goode, a young woman, in the summer of 2019.

Investigators focused on four men in Sarah Goode’s life and an ominous bloody handprint discovered on the hood of her car after she disappeared at age 21.

Who Killed Sarah Goode? Details to Know

GPS and mobile phone data, as well as a blood-stained handprint on the hood of Sarah’s car, implicated 19-year-old ex-marine Dante Taylor in the heinous murder of Sarah.

“People are deceivers. On the other hand, records are not.” Sarah’s mother asserts in a Dateline preview clip. Dante Taylor was the final person to call Sarah. According to GPS information, he called her while going on her way.

Police seized Dante’s fingerprints, DNA, and cell phone without probable cause or reading him his rights; he was subsequently released. In addition, they conducted an unjustified search of his vehicle. Due to a legal error, Dante Taylor was temporarily released from custody.

Who Killed Sarah Goode

The individual then traveled to Vero Beach, Florida, where he was arrested for a second time for an unconnected offense.

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Supposedly, Dante’s crime was motivated by rejection. Dante had hoped to date Sarah, but she rejected him at the party she attended the night she passed away, according to one of his acquaintances. This story was used by the prosecution to help convict Dante.

She was a beautiful child with a short life, and I will never see her again. Elizabeth Goode, the mother of her late daughter, stated at Dante Taylor’s trial, “I’m not sure what I’ll tell her young daughter when she grows up.”

Killed Sarah Goode Murder Case Update

Sarah Goode, age 21, did not return home the day following a June 2014 party with her friends. Even though Sarah’s family first expressed concern about her staying up so late, this was not a typical evening out.

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Her family was anxious when she did not attend her nephew’s birthday party the following day. Sarah was reported missing by her relatives two days after the last time they saw her.

Friends and family immediately began searching for Sarah in the Long Island community of Medford, New York. The next day, authorities located her 1999 BMW parked in the bushes near her residence.

A week later, her body was recovered within one mile of where she had abandoned her vehicle. The body of the young woman had been stabbed 42 times and subjected to sexual assault. She was so severely beaten that a metal fragment became lodged in her skull.

For his crimes against Sarah Goode, Dante Taylor was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in July 2016. The punishment was pronounced by State Supreme Court Justice John Collins, who stated, “You may draw chalk lines on the cellblock and the walls of the cage in which you will reside, but they will be of no consequence.”

They will be pointless because you have no fixed departure date.”

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