Who Was Kelly Monteith? the Anglophile Channel Mourns the Loss of Kelly Monteith at 80


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Who Was Kelly Monteith

Who was Kelly Monteith?: The entire world is currently mourning the loss of comedian Kelly Monteith. He died at the age of eighty. Kelly was a humorous man who was able to have a significant influence on other comedians.

The Anglophilic Channel reported the tragic news of the brilliant comedian’s passing. Continue reading in order to determine the cause of Kelly Monteith’s death.

The Anglophile Channel Announced the Unfortunate News of Kelly Monteith’s Death

Kelly Monteith, best known for writing and starring in the BBC sitcom Kelly Monteith, has passed away. He died at the age of eighty. The Anglophile Channel confirmed the tragic news of the comedian’s passing on their social media pages.

The Anglophile Channel released a statement that read, “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dearest friend/teammate, comedian, and broadcaster Kelly Monteith.”

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“Ken was an integral part of TAC, having co-hosted Brit Flix with Kelly, Paul, and Two-Buch Chuck, as well as Kelly’s BBC Memories. The Los Angeles Press Club presented Monteith and Paul Boland with the National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards for Best Television Anchor/Host in 2015.

After a few successful appearances on The Des O’Connor Show, Monteith starred in his own successful comedy series, “Kelly Monteith,” which ran for six seasons on the BBC. 

Who was Kelly Monteith

Neil Shand co-wrote the title series with Monteith. Monteith was one of the first American comedians to receive his own BBC program. In the United States, Monteith starred in the CBS series ‘The Kelly Monteith Show‘ and ‘The Hit Squad.’

It continued, “According to Kelly, one of the highlights of his career was performing at the 1983 Royal Variety Performance for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. His time in England was extraordinarily memorable for Monteith. During his time there, he met Caroline, his future wife. The couple has two offspring.

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“Kelly will be greatly missed at The Anglophile Channel, in the world of comedy, and by his family and friends,” the channel concluded in its statement. Kelly Monteith’s cause of death has not been revealed as of yet.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Kelly Monteith

Kelly Monteith was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 17, 1942. He was an entertainer. In the early 1970s, he gained the attention of viewers by appearing as a guest comedian on NBC’s The Tonight Show and the BBC’s Des O’Connor Tonight.

The Kelly Monteith Show debuted on CBS in 1976, starring Monteith. Soon thereafter, in 1979, the BBC offered him his own series, Kelly Monteith, which ran for six seasons.

Later on, Kelly acted as a host for the short-lived American syndication program “The Hit Squad” featuring hidden cameras. In addition, he wrote and starred in the 2014 comedy film A Lousy 10 Grand and the six-part television series The Real Geezers of Beverly Hills, Adjacent.

Who was Kelly Monteith

Kelly Monteith was a comedian who made people laugh, and he will be fondly remembered by his fans and loved ones. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the latest updates from the entertainment industry.

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Wealth and Career

Kelly Monteith had a net worth of approximately $300 thousand, which he earned through his career as a writer and stand-up comedian. In addition, Kelly was the author of nine television stories.

Regarding his professional career, Kelly Monteith began writing professionally in 1976 with an episode of The Kelly Monteith Show. In 1979, he wrote and created the television series Kelly Monteith, which ran until 1984.

Kelly Monteith’s notable works include, among others, Kelly Monteith in One (1985), Out of This World (1990), A Lousy 10 Grand (2004), Too Hip for the Room (2015), The Real Geezers of Beverly Hills-Adjacent (2019), and Kelly Monteith’s BBC Memories (2019-2020).

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