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Why Sosie Bacon Was Relieved They Did Not Audition Her for Smile for Smile – Exclusif


Why Sosie Bacon Was Glad They Didn't Audition Her Smile For Smile Read More:

With Paramount’s new horror film “Smile” currently blazing up the Box Office charts and a spooky but ingenious viral marketing campaign, the film has filled our hearts and dreams with miles of scary grins.

The film’s trailers and (of course) the film itself features the smiling faces of a number of the film’s characters, all of whom are tied to the terrible supernatural occurrences that Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) experiences throughout the film.

With so many members of the film’s cast displaying terrible smiles, it would appear that possessing a creepy smile was a requirement for casting.

In contrast, as the tragic protagonist of a horror film, Dr. Rose Cotter screams significantly more than she smiles. What was required of the film’s gifted lead, Sosie Bacon, during the audition?

Bacon explains in a new, exclusive interview with Looper that her audition never required her to display her dazzling whites.

It’s a little strange that the protagonist of a horror film centered on a smile never had to display her own, but the actress elaborates on the unexpected reason she was pleased with that dental omission.

Inside Sosie Bacon’s Smile-free Audition

Zoom was a prerequisite for obtaining the role of Rose, as it has been for nearly every social encounter in the past few years. Bacon reveals that the casting process began with a non-audition Zoom conference with writer and director Parker Finn.

Instead of a traditional audition, Finn met with Bacon virtually, and concluded (in Bacon’s words) that “She can certainly accomplish this.” She praised the audition-free ease of the process, stating that it was “sort of lovely,” and she and Finn proceeded to have “a lot of follow-up talks” regarding the character and the movie.

Bacon had to choose between “Smile” and another project at the time, but portraying Dr. Rose was a no-brainer. “I wanted to take on this one because it was such a weighty character with so much history and the relationships were so unique,” she explains.

This depth of background information in an otherworldly story made it, in the words of the actress, “a cool thing to sink my teeth into.”

Regarding teeth, Bacon clarifies, “I did not audition my smile” for the forthcoming horror film that focuses on smiles. In hindsight, that may have been a blessing, according to the actor, who believed she lacked the type of terrifying toothiness necessary for a great horror grin.

She admits, “My smile is a bit too horizontal and not enough vertical.” “I believe it was for the best that I did not reveal it.” She dominated the role of Dr. Rose Cotter, smiles or no smiles, and the rest is horror history.