Why Was Season 5 of My Block Canceled?


my block season 5

The Block 2012, the fifth season of the Australian reality television program The Block, debuted on the Nine Network.

Scott Cam was back as the show’s host, and Shelley Craft was back as “Challenge Master.” John McGrath and Neale Whitaker came back as judges and brought in Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer as guest judges. The season started on April 16, 2012, at 7 p.m.

Like the last season, this one was filmed in Melbourne, with the four houses to be fixed up at 401 Dorcas Street in the inner-city suburb of South Melbourne.

This season wasn’t supposed to air in New Zealand at first, but TV3 has now picked it up (the channel that broadcasts the New Zealand adaption of the program). All four seasons have been shown on Prime.

The Plot of Season 5 of My Block

We could observe that the various show characters were partly completing their high school years in the episodes of the previous seasons.

 my block season 5

As a result, we may presume that in On My Block Season 5, the plot will center on the different characters’ lives after they graduate from high school and move on with their lives.

We might presume that Season 5 and the prior seasons did their utmost to win the hearts of the viewers. Let’s, therefore, hope that Season 5’s plot lives up to audiences’ expectations.

The Cast of My Block

Different dramas and series have distinctive casts that influence a particular show’s success or failure. After a film or television show becomes popular, actors who put in a lot of effort might occasionally become quite well-known. So let’s not waste any more time and look up the cast members who might appear on the screen

  • Sierra Capri
  • Jason Genao
  • Brett Gray
  • Diego Tinoco
  • Jessica Marie Garcia
  • Julio Macias
  • Peggy Blow
  • Jacking Guillory

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In addition to the cast members listed above, it is likely that many more will appear in the sitcom “On My Block Season 5” and play significant roles.

What to Expect in Season 5 of on My Block

On My Block, a funny comedy series had its final season released on October 4, 2021, and fans had been anticipating the renewal of season 5.

Additionally, there is a lot of anticipation for season 5, which should surpass the prior seasons in terms of entertainment value.

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However, Netflix has not officially confirmed that On My Block Season 5 will be renewed. As a result, we must wait for the official renewal announcement to learn more about On My Block Season 5.

Date of the on My Block Season 5 Premiere

The viewers of the sitcom “On My Block” are eagerly anticipating the coming of Season 5 after all the previously thrilling seasons.

my block season 5

However, based on the past few seasons of the sitcom On My Block, there has been an astounding count of at least 18 months between the releases of the prior seasons.

The launch of “On My Block Season 5” could happen as late as 2023 because a show’s casting and production sometimes require enough time to be completed. So let’s cross our fingers and wait for the start of the next series.

Trailer for on My Block Season Five

We have learned from a reliable source that the imminent On My Block Season 5 release is highly likely. Our conjecture states that the release date might not occur until 2023.

On My Block Season 5’s trailer has yet to be released, however, no official date has been announced. Additionally, if there are any My Block Season 5 changes, we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available!

Why Was Season 5 of on My Block Canceled?

The four seasons were very up and down. The show promised that it would not come back. The end of Season 4 gave all the answers, so there was nothing left to find out in a new season.

my block season 5

This could be one of the reasons why the fifth season of On My Block was canceled or never made. Even on social media, it was sad to say goodbye to the show.

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Fans were upset by the news because they didn’t want to lose the nostalgic feel of real, relatable friendships. They were right to be upset because the show has been coming out with a new season every year since 2018 and has a crazy IMDB rating of 8/10, which shows how high the Spanish industry has now set the bar. But they didn’t know that there were other plans, which is another reason why there wasn’t a Season 5 of On My Block.

Release Date for Season 5 of on My Block

Fans are looking forward to the release of On My Block Season 5 because the first four seasons were so interesting. We have good news for people who like the TV show “On My Block.”

Based on what we think, On My Block Season, 5 could come out as late as the year 2023. After the actors of On My Block Season 4 said their goodbyes on the set of the show, there is still a chance that we might see some new faces on the set of On My Block Season 5.


Since Netflix always gives fans more seasons of their favorite shows, we can also expect season 5 of the comedy show On My Block. And if you love the Netflix show On My Block and want to know what’s going to happen with it in the future, check our website often. And we’ll make sure to tell you everything you need to know about the next season of On My Block.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Season 5 of on My Block?

Where Can I See All of My Block’s Seasons?

On My, Block has all seasons available on Netflix.

Will My Block Return for a Fifth Season?

On My, Block has not officially been renewed for another season.