The Wizard of Oz Trick is One of Google’s Several Amusing Easter Eggs


wizard of oz trick

I like to imagine that if I had a multi-billion dollar firm like Google, I would do similar great things. The Wizard of Oz Trick is one of the search engine’s many amusing features. Created to commemorate the 80th anniversary of this iconic film, the Wizard of Oz Google trick is an amusing diversion.

You must look into this! There is a certain kind of delight in seeing your screen swirl in this manner.

The Wizard Of Oz Trick Is One Of Many Easter Eggs Hidden Within Search Terms

When I originally attempted to perform this technique, it failed. In the search results for The Wizard of Oz, ruby slippers were nowhere to be found. However, further investigation showed this link. From then, the process is really simple. Click the slippers and watch with childlike delight while clapping your hands and squealing (cuz we all need a good squeal sometimes).

Then, once you’ve had enough temporary relief from your hectic, stressful existence, you can click on the tornado and everything will return to normal.

You will discover that it was all a dream.

5 Best Google Search Easter Eggs

Here is a selection of our favorite Google search-related web surprises. Hold on, Toto, we’re off on an adventure!

1) Do A Barrel Roll

This one is a lot simpler than the Wizard of Oz trick, but it’s just as cool. Simply visit Google and enter “barrel roll” into the search bar. From then, the entire screen will rotate in a manner that appears possible only to computer programmers.

This neat gimmick is a tribute to Nintendo’s Star Fox video games; it’s a wonderful throwback.

2) Beam Me Up

Enter “beam me up, Scotty” into Google’s voice search, and Google will respond “I cannot do that, Captain.” I do not have the authority.”

Personally, I have just received the album’s findings.

But the Internet is rarely incorrect, correct? I have no doubt it will work for you.

wizard of oz trick

3) You Know Kevin Bacon, Right?

Have you ever played “six degrees of Kevin Bacon?” It is a parlor game in which players compete to randomly select an actor and then link them to Kevin Bacon.

The number of films separating the two is the “degrees of separation,” sometimes known as “degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

Why is this significant? Entering any celebrity’s name plus “Bacon number” on Google will reveal the number of steps separating that star from Kevin Bacon.

Try it. I just did this, and it worked. I checked the Johnny Depp Bacon count, which is two, for reasons unknown.

4) Askew

Weird! Therefore, if you visit Google and type “askew” into the search field, the entire screen will appear slightly… awry. This causes me to feel an odd sensation of uneasiness.

Those of us who do not mind things being out of position will likely enjoy the tilt.

5) What Does The Fox Have To Say?

Wow, this is… concerning. When I view such videos, I wonder what has become of our world. Is this what artists must do now to gain attention?

Here is the relevant video. Use Google’s voice search and ask “what does the fox say?” to perform this trick. From there, you will receive a response… response to a question I was unaware I needed to ask.

These Google Easter Eggs should have brought you some joy (and diversion) today.