Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date: Will There Be a Season 6 of Young and Hungry?


Young and Hungry Season 6

The American sitcom Young and Hungry has been on Freeform for five seasons in a row, but fans want to know if there will be the sixth season. Young and Hungry were first shown on Freeform in 2014. (previously ABC Family).

In the San Francisco-based sitcom, Emily Osment plays Gabi Diamond, a gourmet food lover who takes a job as a personal chef for wealthy tech mogul Josh Kaminski. Gabi and Josh’s working relationship is put in danger when it becomes clear that they love each other. This leads to a crazy one-night stand.

The two people in love broke up and got back together over the next three seasons of Young and Hungry. They finally got together in the season 5 finale.

After a year break, the second half of Season 5 started airing on Freeform in 2018. The season ended on a cliffhanger when Gabi asked Josh to move to Seattle with her. Here’s everything you need to know about the rocky future of the show.

Is It a 6 Season of Young & Hungry on the Way?

It’s too bad that there won’t be the sixth season of Young and Hungry. In March 2018, Freeform ended both the show and the movie that was based on it. Even though the cast and audience were surprised, the gap between seasons 5A and 5B made it almost certain that the show would be canceled.

Originally, Freeform said that a Young and Hungry TV movie would be made. The Young and Hungry movie was meant to end the show’s fifth season. Gabi, Josh, and their friends were supposed to grow up in the movie.

The show’s star, Haley Joel Osment, said in a tweet that Freeform had also canceled the movie. In a word, the last big surprise of the fifth season will not be answered. Fans say that Gabi and Josh were meant to get married in the movie.

Even though fans asked Netflix to take the show off, they didn’t. Netflix has saved many of our favorite TV shows, like Lucifer and Arrested Development, from being canceled, but this time it wasn’t able to save the show.

An official announcement was made on March 15, 2018, that the fifth season of the American sitcom will be the show’s last. The fifth season started on June 20, 2018, and ended on July 25, 2018. It had 20 episodes.

Expected Plot of Young and Hungry Season 6

The official plot for season 6 of Young and Hungry has not yet been revealed by the show’s creators. But based on what happened in season 5, we might be able to guess what will happen in the next season if the show is renewed.

Gabi and John, the two main characters, decided to take their friendship to the next level and become sexually involved with each other. The first thing they do is punch ten holes in each card. Then, Sofia, Gabi’s best friend, tells her about her connection.

After some time, Sofia’s advice turns out to be right, and in the other scene, Yolanda uses a cheap detergent to wash John’s clothes.

Josh is also seen making a reservation for Gabi at a nice restaurant for dinner. Gabi sees the ring on the table and thinks Josh is about to ask her to marry him.

Gabi is scared, so she goes to her next-door neighbor, Ms. Wilson, for help. Then Josh shows up on a yacht to ask Gabi to marry him. After reading all this, you can be sure that the series will continue into the next chapter of the sixth season.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Releasing or Not?

Young and Hungry’s fifth season has 20 episodes. At first, there were only ten, but after the first goals of this season were met, more were added to the shelf. This is why the season lasts so long!

Joe and Mary are thrilled because this means they can see more of Season 5! Even though there are only two parts, each one feels like a whole new adventure. After seeing the first part with his friend, Joe can’t wait to go exploring again when school starts in September…

In March 2018, the show’s fifth and final season will be announced. The new law went into effect on July 25 after it was made public on June 20. The year was full of events. Section 5B came out on June 20, and before we knew it, it was July 25.

But after getting drunk together, the two only slept together for one night. Even though it makes their lives more difficult, they try their best to keep a professional attitude in the conference room after the event.

During the first four seasons of the show, the couple tells each other how they feel and starts going out on dates. Their relationship, on the other hand, has a lot of problems, and by the end of the fourth season, they are on and off again. Near the end of the first episode of Season 5, Gabi and Josh get back together.

Young and Hungry Cast

If the show’s creators decide to make the sixth season, these are the young actors who will probably be in it.

  • Aimee Carrero portrays Sofia Rodriguez.
  • Rex Lee portrays Elliot Park.
  • Kym Whitley plays Yolanda.
  • Emily Osment portrays Gabi Diamond.
  • Jonathan Sadowski introduces Josh Kaminski.

Many Young and Hungry fans went to Netflix to save the show after Freeform canceled seasons 6 and 7 and the TV movie. Since shows like Arrested Development and Lucifer were coming back to Netflix, it was a great target.

As of this writing, we know for sure that the sixth chapter of the show won’t happen because Netflix didn’t bite the cookie.

Fans have asked Netflix to bring back Young and Hungry since Freeform canceled it. Since cancellations were happening at an alarming rate, many people thought that this one would be too good to last, giving them another chance to go out into the world. Season 6 of Young&Hungry won’t happen without fans’ help, though…

Where to Watch Young and Hungry Season 6?

If you have a Netflix subscription and want to watch the show, you can do so. Please let us know in the comments if you liked the episode. Now it’s time for us to leave, but we’ll be back soon with another post.

Young and Hungry Season 5 Finale Explanation

In the last episode of Season 5, Gabi (Osment) asked Josh to go with her to Seattle to work for Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Yolanda and Elliot, who worked for Josh, had a hard time getting used to Gabi being the “lady of the house” for the whole season.

Sofia, Gabi’s best friend, starts looking for love on her own because she feels like a third wheel now that Gabi is married. The Young & Hungry movie was going to be made by David Holden, Caryn Lucas, Ashley Tisdale, Eric, and Kim Tannenbaum, all of whom worked on the series.

At the time, Freeform said that it would “follow Gabi, Josh, and their group of friends as they get into trouble.” Holden, Lucas, Tisdale, Jessica Rhoades, Eric, and Kim Tannenbaum, and CBS Television Studios all came up with the idea for Young & Hungry.

Gabi Moskowitz, who blogs about food at BrokeAssGourmet.com and lives in San Francisco, helped make the campaign. Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley, and Rex Lee were also on the show, along with Osment and Sadowski.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Trailer

The show’s sixth season has already ended, so there won’t be a trailer for it. We were able to find the show’s Season 5 promo on YouTube, though. If you want to see the promo for Season 5 of the show, all you have to do is click on the link here.


We won’t say anything else about what will happen with Young and Hungry season 6 at this time. Season 6 hasn’t been talked about by either the filmmakers or the well-known streaming services. You can watch old seasons of Young and Hungry on Netflix until there are more new episodes.