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Zerkaa Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does He Make Every Year?


Zerkaa Net worth

In the UK, Joshua Charlie Joseph “Zerkaa” Bradley is a well-known and well-loved content developer. When Sidemen was formed in October 2013, he was one of the group’s original members. Ten years of relationship have brought him to London where he currently lives with his partner, Freya Nightingales. The Sidemen’s oldest member is reported to be the content creator, with the next-oldest member being just a few days younger than him.

In addition to YouTube and Twitch, Zerkaa has access to a number of other content-creation platforms. He has two YouTube channels, one for personal use and one for professional use, both of which are well-trafficked and frequently updated. He also has a Twitch channel where he streams two to four times a week. A popular Grand Theft Auto V Livestream despite his lack of recent engagement, he’s still one of the top 150 streamers on Twitch.

Zerkaa graduated from Ravensbourne University in London with a degree in digital film production. He uploads a lot of vlog-style footage to his primary channel, which appears to be his favorite type of content to produce. “The Ultimate Sideman” was bestowed to him during the 2014 YouTube Premium show The Sideman Experience, in which he “won.”

Zerkaa Net worth

Real Name Joshua Charlie Joseph Bradley
DOB September 4, 1992
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Address London, England, United Kingdom
Marital Status/Partner Dating Freya Nightingale
Source of Wealth Online content creation, sponsorships
Net Worth $4 million

How Much Money Does Zerkaa Have in the Bank?

At least $4 million has been put out as the value of Joshua “Zerkaa.” As a founding member of the rapidly growing Sideman collective of content makers, he is a rising star in the industry. He and the other members of the group were on a Comedy Central special about them and were even featured in a YouTube Premium special. Besides that, Zerkaa’s Twitch and YouTube channels are doing well, and he has collaborated with a number of high-profile firms in the past.

Zerkaa was formerly cited by The Sunday Times as one of the most significant British web creators at one point in his career. He was ranked ninth on the list of the top ten.

The Sideman:

After moving into the original Sideman house in the following year, Zerkaa’s content went viral even though he was still reluctant to present himself in front of the camera. Since then, Zerkaa’s videos have amassed hundreds of millions of views.

In recent years, Zerkaa, like the other members of The Sideman, has expanded his main channel’s content beyond games streams to include vlogs and other comedic segments, such as challenges.

A year after launching his first YouTube channel, ZerkaaPlay, he started uploading videos of whichever game he was currently playing. Zerkaa discovered this channel in 2012, and throughout the next decade, he opened two additional channels, ZerkaaClips in 2020 to showcase his Twitch feeds, and ZerkaaShorts in January 2021.

More crossover appearances have been made by Zerkaa than any other member of The Sideman. With the help of KSI, he has become the new face of electric street racing in the UK. The Sunday Times recently reported that Zerkaa is now the UK’s seventh most prominent YouTuber.

When he joined the GTA roleplay server in April of 2021 as “Tommy Tate,” he built a character that has only increased his fame.

How Much Money Does He Make Every Year?

Zerkaa’s annual salary is estimated to be $59,051.

How much does Zerkaa make is a question that every Zerkaa fan can’t seem to understand.

On average, Zerkaa’s channel has received roughly 32.81 thousand views each day over the last 30 days.

Monetized YouTube channels make money by displaying advertisements. For every 1,000 video views, monetized YouTube channels can earn anything from $3 to $7. We can estimate the Zerkaa YouTube channel’s yearly ad revenue at $59.05k and its monthly ad revenue at $3.94k using this information. This estimate could be too low. Zerkaa’s advertising revenue might bring in as much as $106.3 thousand a year if Zerkaa is making on the high end.

However, it’s uncommon for YouTuber channels to make all of their money from a single source. Other forms of income, such as sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and public speaking engagements, can be far more lucrative than traditional forms of advertising.

Zerkaa Personal Life

Bradley is currently dating fellow YouTuber and Twitch streamer Freya Nightingale. The couple met through their respective platforms.

Zerkaa Net worth

Additionally, he is an avid supporter of the Millwall Football Club. He has owned a season ticket ever since he was six years old.


Since the beginning of his professional career, Zerkaa has been a top pick for a number of well-known businesses as an endorser. Brands like PCS Specialist, Elgato Gaming, and Custom Controllers have given him the opportunity to promote their products on his YouTube channels and social media accounts.

Belong Gaming Arenas, Google Stadia, Golf Tour 2k, PES, KFC Gaming, and Hyper Scape Gaming are just a few of the companies that have partnered with him.

Income from streaming on Twitch

Zerkaa has amassed a sizable fanbase despite his sporadic broadcasting schedule. His annual salary ranges from $162k to $223.2k, or roughly $13.5k to $18.6k per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Zerkaa Age?

In the year 1992, on September 4th, he entered the world. Currently, he’s 29 years of age.

What is Zerkaa’s hometown? What Is the Address of His Residence?

His current location is the United Kingdom’s capital city, London.

The Question Is: Who Is Zerkaa’s Sweetheart?

Freya Nightingale, a fellow Twitch streamer and YouTuber, is Bradley’s current love interest.

From YouTube, how much money does Zerkaa earn?

His main YouTube channel generates an estimated $2,600 per day ($950,000 per year) in revenue. However, ZerkaaPlays generates roughly $1,200 a day ($440,000 a year) for him.