Orlando Magic Coaching Staff - A Review

Orlando Magic fans, preparation for the 19-20 NBA season is underway. Many sports fans quickly inform themselves of roster changes or adjustments, But in this article, I want to highlight the Magic coaching staff. With such a young core of players, the coaching staff's role will be as, if not, more important than the roster itself.

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Elise Clyburn Comments
The Rise, Fall and Rise - Markelle Fultz

Polarizing is the word that comes to mind when I think of Markelle Fultz. If you watch any of his highlight tapes from his time at the University of Washington in Seattle it is not difficult to spot what may presumably become a generational talent. Markelle has the speed, the handles, powerful slams and the supreme ability to put the ball in the basket from distance. All of the things that are necessary for today’s fast-paced, floor-spacing game.

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