Are Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Dating?

Are Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Dating

Kendall Jenner had fans speak to me whilst she was spotted with Bad Bunny on numerous activities. It becomes showed the model and the musician are dating after they have been visibly packing on the PDA at the same time as having dinner. Are Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Dating? On March 8, 2023, Kendall Jenner and Bad … Read more

Who is Ocastor Ferguson and Who Kidnapped Her?

Who is Ocastor Ferguson

Who is Ocastor Ferguson? Ocastor Ferguson, 32, was still being jailed in Collin County on suspicion of kidnapping and arson. The district attorney and the Collin County Sheriff’s Office are working to decide whether to pursue new charges against Ferguson. Kayla Kelley, a missing lady from McKinney, Texas, was found dead near Grand Prairie on … Read more

Who Killed Sarah Goode? Uncovering the Mystery of Sarah Goode’s Murder

Who Killed Sarah Goode

Who Killed Sarah Goode? is a sought-after topic. As a former marine, he was tied to Sarah’s heinous murder using GPS and cell phone data. Finding Sarah Goode is the twenty-third episode of the twenty-fifth season of Dateline, a popular true crime and investigative journalism television series. The episode examines the disappearance of Sarah Goode, … Read more

New Mexico Shooting: Political Motives Behind New Mexico Shooting: Solomon Pena Arrested

New Mexico Shooting

The New Mexico Shooting has stunned the community and prompted calls for the Republican candidate to withdraw substantially from the race. According to Albuquerque Police, an ex-Republican candidate for the New Mexico House was arrested on Monday for allegedly orchestrating a series of gunfire directed at the homes and offices of Democratic state leaders this … Read more

Where is Kai Lawrence Now? The Unfortunate Fate of Kai Lawrence: A Look at His 2019 Conviction

Where is Kai Lawrence now

Where is Kai Lawrence Now?: The HatchetWieldingHitchhiker, Netflix’s latest true-crime documentary, has once again caught the audience’s attention to Kai Lawrence, who went viral around ten years ago and rapidly became a popular meme and an online sensation. The fact that Lawrence saved a woman’s life by attacking her attacker with a hatchet made him a … Read more

Trump Announces Diamond’s Death: Donald Trump Honors the Memory of Diamond Lynnette Hardaway

Trump Announces Diamond’s Death

Trump Announces Diamond’s Death: The death of Diamond Lynnette Hardaway, one half of the impassioned backing duo “Diamond and Silk,” was strongly felt by former president Donald Trump on Monday evening. On his social media site Truth Social, Mr. Trump said, “Really awful news for Republicans and, frankly, all Americans.” “Our lovely Diamond, of Diamond … Read more

Where is Max Loughan Now? A Look Back at His Prodigy Story

Where is Max Loughan Now

Where is Max Loughan Now?: In 2016, 13-year-old Max Loughan solved the nation’s energy problem. He constructed an energy-harvesting machine for only $14. According to Loughan, the device transformed electromagnetic energy into electrical power. His apparatus was able to power an LED light string. Young, he was frequently compared to Nikola Tesla. Max, as far … Read more

Who is Bodie on The Voice? How Old is Bodie on ‘The Voice’?

Who is Bodie on The Voice?

Who is Bodie on The Voice? – Throughout season 22 of The Voice, Bodie has become a fan favorite. This 29-year-old singer has always wowed the audience with her performances on The Voice. Let us inform those who are unaware that Bodie is on Team Blake. When Blake Shelton first met Bodie, he immediately realized … Read more

A ‘Real Housewives’ Star is Struggling Financially While Divorce Proceedings Are Pending

Real Housewives

A “Real Housewives” star is having financial difficulties due to her divorce. According to court documents obtained by Heavy, Lisa Hochstein from “The Real Housewives of Miami” is asking her ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein, for temporary support. In court documents filed in October 2022, Lisa Hochstein demanded that her ex pays for her attorney fees and … Read more